Bowden's Own Three Way

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    Bowden's Onw Three Way is our Aussie made and developed solution for easy removal of embedded iron particles and other hard to remove contamination from your paint.

    We've been working on this one for the last year to use as a safe paint preparation product, that does three decontamination processes in one go. It saves you time and money and leaves you with beautiful smooth paint, so our final stage wax and sealant products can leave a greater shine and protect for longer.

    • For the intensive removal of embedded ferrous iron and other hard to remove contaminants before paint cleansing, waxing and sealing.
    • Powerful, fast reacting formula safely dissolves iron contaminants on your paint.
    • Thick liquid for slower drying and effective dwell time on your side panels.
    • Safe on modern clear coat paint, matte paint, headlights, exterior trim, chrome, glass, rubber and doesnt smell of pungent death.
    • Does not affect or remove good quality paint protection coatings.
    • Leaves a great clean surface, ready for easier paint cleansing, waxing & sealing.


    Shipping Weight 0.901 kg
    Package Width 11.5 cm
    Package Height 25.5 cm
    Package Depth 7 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Description R) BOWDENS OWN THREE WAY 750ML

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